Nosotras, somos las hermanas Vedruna “de las generaciones más jóvenes”… Mujeres Vedruna en momentos de mucha vida entregada en distintas tareas de misión. Y eso deseamos darlo a conocer.

Somos Vedruna, mujeres repartidas en cuatro continentes, mujeres profundamente unidas desde un carisma común y desde el Dios que nos convoca para sumar a su proyecto apasionante.

Esta web quiere darnos a conocer, a nosotras y los proyectos en los que creemos y sumamos día tras día.

Esta página web es una pequeña tesela del gran mosaico que formamos esta gran Familia Vedruna.

platform VI-FI

As women of Vedruna Younger Generation, who lived in the dynamic of “going forth” (House with Open Doors#13), we want to live in unity through sharing our mission projects, news, articles through this designed digital platform.

Vedruna - Younger generation:
Inspired by the Holy Spirit and the collaborative work of the sisters involved in this project, this digital platform VI-FI (Vedruna International Family Interconnected) will continue to work actively in the dynamics of bringing the good news of the gospel and the charism of St. Joaquina de Vedruna to whom we come in contact with or encounter along this journey we embarked. We desire to embrace a more inclusive and interconnected Vedruna family who is immersed with reality in the four continents of the world. Together, we are called to use this platform to be in touch with our mission which focuses on the following: accompaniment, ecology, migrants, family, communication, Culture and Vocation. As Jesus told parables in the gospel to convey his message of salvation, we want to maximize the proper and responsible use of technology through this page as means of reaching out to people and to make God’s kingdom possible here on earth.


La música nos une y alienta. Ain Karem, proyecto de la Familia Vedruna, nos regala este canto “Fieles y unidas”, evocando nuestro deseo común de participar en crear esta Familia Universal.
¡Os lo compartimos!


International Women's day

Women’s Day Celebration at Mintong (Northeast – India) 2022

Vedruna Foundation Day cum Annual Prize Distribution

Vedruna Foundation Day cum Annual Prize Distribution


This article is a short report of the activities undertaken by the youth of India under the theme ‘Youth Building Momentum for Climate Change’ under the guidance of Srs. Sweta and Sonal.

National Youth Day 17 e 31 /10/21

The 17th and 31st of October were marked with much joy, celebration, dynamics and Eucharistic celebration, after almost two years of pandemic. We gathered all the youth, two base groups of the parish of Carnaubeira da Pena in Pernambuco, Brazil. Our theme

To Jesus through Mary

The month of October is dedicated to Mother Mary. This beautiful prayer of the Rosary is a means that we too can use in order to draw closer to Jesus and Mary by meditating on the great mysteries of our salvation.

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